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Scout advisor · Bangil, Jawa Timur, Indonesia · Januari 2007 sampai September 2010
i was an instructor in scouting. here, i teached many kind of scouting's skills such as games, training and leadership skills, knots, signaling, maps and compass, songs and skits, first aid, servises, collector items, outdoor activies, etc
Staff Officer · Bangil, Jawa Timur, Indonesia · Februari 2010 sampai Agustus 2012
i was a part of staff officer which function was to managed all education activities. sometimes i replaced a teacher who couldn't teach in class and i gave his/her job to the students
Art n English Teacher · Bangil, Jawa Timur, Indonesia · Januari 2011 sampai 2 Maret 2013
i was teaching Art and English leason in Islamic Junior High School which are located in Bangil, Pasuruan , East Java.
Vice Chairman · Bangil, Jawa Timur, Indonesia · Januari 2010 hingga sekarang
i am one of teambuilding trainer here.our concern is how to manage and developed the personality and character of our clients.our proud is if we could give the best services for our clients and they are able to feel many advantages from us.Together we can be strong!!!
PIC Staff · Balongbendo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia · Maret 2013 hingga sekarang
here, my job is how to receive all demands of department in this factory, either internal dept or eksternal one. after that I give them anyting they want. then if my stocks in werehouse was empty, so I connect n call my friend who have a job in purchasing order... after it, if the stocks which I want was fullfilled, so my next jod is how to check all of them as suitable as my want in my list..... here I am as the controler of all spare part or all the things in werehouse. I also write all the history of the stock which have in n out. then the last job is I have to spread out that things to the proper department which want it.....

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